Last week on The Happy Chair Company…

Please read the title of this post in a deep TV voice-over man’s voice.  Do you know who does the best TV recaps?  Supernatural.  Recap montage with rock music winners, every time.

Anyway, if you follow us on Facebook, you might have noticed a little flurry of activity over there this weekend – not just one but three lovely new products up and ready in our Etsy shop, all awaiting a stylish and loving new home (yours, I think 😉 )In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap:

One stunning new Frem Rojle ‘Roundette’ dining set (the other one that I showed you last week?  Yeah, that’s sold already.  So you know this one’s going to get snapped up…)DSCF1210

Two Ercol Green Dot stacking chairs for adult derrieres – tall enough to use at the dining table, and the big daddy of the Ercol coloured dot stacking series (it goes white, yellow, red, blue, green, in case you wanted to know.)DSCF1220

Eight (yes, eight!) vintage ply wood stacking school chairs at the absurdly reasonable price of £25 each – Tecta style industrial chic at your fingertips.DSCF1204


As if that wasn’t enough, coming up over the next few weeks will be some Scandart, some Tapiovaara, and possibly some Gplan, so keep ’em peeled for more mid century goodness.  If you have your own mid century (or any century) goodness that you’re working some magic on, you might also want to know that I’m also clearing out my fabric stash – end of rolls, off cuts and some very large rolls of ex Gplan upholstery fabric are all for sale via our Facebook page – message me for details!

Right, now I’ve got the idea in my head, I’m off for a Supernatural binge.


H xxx




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