News! Cake! News!

Hooray and hoorah, after a bit of a false start with June markets we are very pleased to say we will be back with bells on (not literally – unless you’d like us to, of course) at the Vintage Furniture Flea in Bethnal Green on Sun 3rd of July.  Here’s a little snippet of the delights we’ll be bringing:

Hans Wegner Oak frame chair, £150
Parker Knoll Nursing Chair, £200
Cintique armchair, £210
Cintique armchair, £210
Tea?  Sandwiches? Gin? Cake?
Ercol hostess trolley, £75

Don’t forget there will also be (to the best of my knowledge) such fabulous traders as Festival Fifty One, Retro Bazaar, J.A.M.S Ironwork, and loads of other vintage greatness plus the added bonus of the incomparable Pear of Peas for when you get hungry.  Even if you think you won’t get hungry, one look at Pennie’s cakes and you will suddenly decide that you need to eat.  All of them.

Image from  YUM.
Image from YUM.

Ok, on to the next bit of exciting news.  We’re having a little shuffle around here at Happy HQ (in addition to the great big shuffle of moving, which is still very much a work in progress), and we’re thinking about the way we show you our products – we want to make sure that you get to see exactly what you are looking for, and that we can cater for as wide a range of tastes as possible (you’re all just so stylistically cool and individual, a one size fits all approach simply won’t cut it 😉 .)  So with that in mind, we’re starting to group our lovely furniture into 3 categories – Affordable Vintage, Statement Upholstery, and Design Classics.  Hopefully the names are fairly self explanatory – AV is lovely bits of vintage that have perhaps been renovated or made over with a bit of a twist, like our sherbert lemon yellow Ercol Quaker (£70) or our Mid Century bling-legged sideboard (£250).yellow quaker, £70 DSCF1183

SU is a home for all the pieces where I have been let loose with the staple gun and a colour chart – for example our striking velvet and ticking Parker Knoll (£450), or the beautiful Inside-Out Parker Knoll that now lives in Finsbury Park. (In a house,  not in an actual park).  DSCF0265 DSCF1033


And of course DC is what is says on the tin – those extra special, original pieces that are hard to come by, and perhaps costs a little bit more, but speak for themselves – a Frem Rojle dining set, for instance, (£1550) or a Lena Larsson rocker (£340)…DSCF0875 DSCF1047

So you may notice a few changes over on the website in the coming months, but hopefully just rearranging things slightly will mean that we can continue to offer you a great range of classic, unique, and well priced vintage furniture to help make you and your home happy.

See you next week vintage fans!

H x



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