On flexibility and gratitude

We just took our first foreign holiday in ten years.  First time we’ve ever taken the kiddos overseas.  Kind of a big deal.

We went to Paris.

As you know, it’s pretty wet over there.  Now, the plan for this holiday was to use public transport, (trains and buses) spend two days in the delights of Disney and then have a little bit of time to explore Paris itself.

Obviously, we knew it was raining (it made the over an hour wait for the Princess Pavillion more palatable, as it was an indoor queue), but as we didn’t really use the TV in our apartment, we weren’t really aware of how severe things were becoming.  Even on our last day, we wandered around the outside of the Louvre, unaware that beneath us people were working furiously to move all that priceless artwork.  We traveled into and around Paris on the RER trains, without realising some lines were closed, and made all our connections with no trouble.  It was only on the Eurostar on the way home, reading the news on our phones, that we realised just how lucky we had been, and I said a little thank-you to the gods of transportation.  Thanks for getting us where we needed to be with ease.  Thanks for keeping us all safe.

We were lucky not to get into difficulties, that’s for sure.  But more than that, we were lucky to be in Paris in the first place.  We were lucky to get to go to Disneyland, rain or no rain.  It’s something that I never thought I would be in a position to do with my kids.  And we had the best time 🙂


Anywhoo, that’s what we’ve been up to for the last week.  On the furniture front, we’ve got a couple of treats coming your way – a lovely compact mid-century sideboard with a bit of bling, and a fantastic Tapiovaara rocking chair – they’ll be ready for their close ups in the next day or two, so keep your eyes peeled.

Our next venture out to a market will be on Sunday 3rd July in Bethnal Green with The Vintage Furniture Flea – hope to see you there.  (Sadly, we didn’t manage to secure a place at the Clapham fair in June – stalls sold out in 40 seconds!)

Until next week,

Han x



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