And now for something completely different

I’ve mentioned my Nan to you before, briefly – she is the provider of many vintage fabrics in my collection, the source of my first sewing machine, and very probably the genetic predisposition for all this fabric sewing making stuff. IMG-20160520-WA0001

Well, this past weekend my education in the textile arts continued with a trip to the Malvern Quilt Show, where it was brought to my attention that I, in fact, know nothing about the sewing making stuff – not in comparison to these ladies, anyway.  The quilts on display were astonishing, ranging from the traditional patchwork blocks to more modern, painterly affairs – really beautiful and inspiring.

You can’t see it on here, but this one had sparkles


It’s not a painting – it’s all fabric!
Beautiful, delicate needlework

I find it really useful to spend time looking at stuff that is different from the kinds of things we make here at Happy HQ – you never know where inspiration is going to come from, and it’s always good to stay curious, and to marvel at other people’s talents.  After all, it was a quilt that inspired our ‘sea chair’ last year, so who knows what this year’s visit might ignite?

sky, sea and sand – all on one chair

Next week, we are off on our jolly holidays, so there’ll be no blog on Monday (I know, I know, but I’m sure you’ll survive.)

Until then, keep learning, keep looking, and keep enjoying.

H x



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