Arts, Crafts and Mature Attitudes

Remember this?20160502_102655 Now it’s this!DSCF1026

Parker Knoll Nursing Chair £200 via our Etsy shop!

All those little petals have been stitched on by my own fair hand, using a range of traditional and more, er, freestyle embroidery stitches – including stem stitch, split stitch, back stitch and my own personal favourite, the french knot.  I am very pleased about teaching myself french knots, don’tcha know.

All the fabrics come from my Nan’s extensive collection of vintage materials, which is gradually making its way into my possession as Nan clears out her sewing room.  I need a bigger sewing room as a result. 😉

This lovely little 1950s Parker Knoll nursing chair is the perfect size for a bedroom, or to brighten up a small corner as an ‘occasional chair’ (such an odd phrase – what is it the rest of the time?)  This is one of those designs that has come out exactly like I pictured it in my head, and that makes me very proud of this one.

My second Parker Knoll project is still under construction (those curvy Queen Anne legs are a bugger to sand!)  but promises to be both elegant and fun, which sounds like a winning combo to me.

In truth, dear readers, quite a lot of last week was taken up with relocation efforts – and I don’t mind telling you (as we’re friends) that at times it all gets a wee bit overwhelming, all these life decisions and responsibilities and brave leaps into the unknown.  Sometimes I wish that someone would just swoop in and tell me what to do for the best.  Then I remember that I hate being told what to do and would immediately get very cross with the swooper.  I keep this little card by the fantastic Emily McDowell on my dressing table to remind me: EM_AP110_Grown_Ass_Lady_Print_grande

I find having a mature and sensible attitude in these kinds of situations is a great help.

‘Til next week!

H xx


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