Happy Mondays

No, not the 1980s Mancunians…but Mondays which create three day weekends!  Ours has been spent visiting the local library, playing in the woods, and watching Disney films – all of which is alright with me.  This image popped up on my Facebook feed recently, from Insight Timer (yep, I meditate.  When I remember to.)


So this weekend has definitely been about balancing out the busyness of the last couple of weeks with a bit of rest, in the form of bluebells and rope swings (as my mum says, a change is as good as a rest)…

Beautiful bluebells. Whilst walking among them, my daughter asked why foxes don’t live in cottages and wear waistcoats, like they do on Peter Rabbit on Cbeebies. More outdoor time needed.
They do like each other, after all…

And I tell you what, it is good for the soul.  Having a little break gives you the chance to get excited about what’s coming up next – as I mentioned last week, I’ve got two Parker Knolls that are currently under construction – here are some sneak peeks:

Applique vintage fabric petals will be making an appearance on a Parker Knoll nursing chair
Stripes and velvet made from bamboo (bamboo!) will adorn an elegant wingback…

And these latest designs will be put together using my new toy, the Tacwise Series 71 Electric staple gun!  Whoooooooo!  I am seriously looking forward to trying this bad boy out – full review to follow!

So, I hope you’ve had the chance to balance out whatever you’re doing this long weekend, and that you’ve got some lovely things to look forward to once your tank is full.

‘Til next time!

H x


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