Cheers m’dears!

Sunday saw our first foray to Bristol with the Vintage Furniture Flea at the Paintworks.  The venue is lovely, with plenty of room to look around, space outside to chat and compare purchases, and any place that has permanent fairy lights and a disco ball is ok with me.

Before the doors opened...
Before the doors opened…


All set up and ready to go
All set up and ready to go

Our next outings are planned for June and early July, then we’ll be having a break for the summer, so make sure to catch us when you can!  All details of future markets can be found here or on our website a little bit closer to the time.

After a market or two, there’s always a bit of a feeling of “right, what’s next?” around here. (That and the desire for some kind of intravenous tea set-up)  So today I shall mostly be planning some upcoming upholstery projects.  These will likely involve stripes, velvet, tweed and applique…intrigued?  So am I!  Keep your eyes peeled for a Parker Knoll invasion…

Thanks to everyone who came out and saw us at our last two fairs – it’s really lovely to meet people face to face, to hear your kind compliments on our work, and to chat about everything from woodwork, paint finishes and fabric choices to parenting skills and dad-dancing!

’til next time vintage lovers,

H xx



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