We are Officially Amazing

Not that we’re blowing our own trumpet, or anything.  Yesterday saw us in Clapham with the Vintage Furniture Flea, and a fine time was had by all – rocking chairs were snapped up by Dads-to-be, (as in, to be that very afternoon!) our Guy Rogers recliner was rehomed within an hour or so of the doors opening, and then drew admiring glances from less decisive shoppers for the rest of the day, and our three little Ercol dot chairs headed off for a new arty life – together, which is nice.  If you personify chairs, like I do.

The brilliant Festival Fifty One were there, as were funky Retro Bazaar, stylish J.A.M.S Ironworks and the super delicious Pear of Peas, providing much needed tea and cakes and bacon rolls.  If you couldn’t make it this time, never fear, the Flea will be heading back to Clapham in June – keep your eyes peeled for more info!

And as if all of that wasn’t brilliant enough, we also had our very own celebrity sighting!  The charming Ben Shires from CBBC’s Officially Amazing – a show beloved by our own Boy Wonder.  If you have an 8 year old boy in your house, you’ll probably get why we were really quite excited – and Ben was lovely, and let us take this photo:

Us with a real person off the actual telly!
Us with a real person off the actual telly!

Which our boy is delighted with!  Ben, if you’re reading, thank you very very much, Isaac was absolutely delighted with your message this morning.  And we took loads of Pear of Peas’ cakes home with us, so really we are winning at parenting today.

Next up for us is a market in Bristol’s Paintworks on Sunday 24th April – the first ever venture to the West Country for the Furniture Flea, so please come along and support it!  Retro Bazaar and J.A.M.S will be there, along with lots of other brilliant vintage traders, so come and have a mooch find something fabulous!  Here’s what we’ll be bringing:

Ercol Studio Couch, £995
Ercol 203
Ercol 203 Windsor armchair, £180


Ercol 427 modular chair (2 available)  £320
Ercol 427 modular chair (2 available) £320
Hans Wegner Solid Oak armchair, £150
Lena Larsson Rocking chair, £310

See you on Sunday my luvvers!


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