Today’s post is the blog equivalent of that episode of your favourite show where the entire story consists of flashbacks of previous episodes.  It’s a flashback montage, (not to be confused with my personal favourite, the Training Montage) so below you will find a choice selection of before and after shots, intended to inspire (you and me both) to see the possibilities, to spot the potential, and to believe in the power of transformation…

There is a particular shade of 'old furniture pink'...20160313_170305

DSCF0971 IMG_20160212_103257371_HDR

DSCF0300A Greaves & Thomas egg chair



A Parker Knoll 720. Hmmm...DSCF0264

g plan swivel chairDSCF0880

deco reclinerDSCF0716

You can blame this post on two things:

  1. We are currently househunting and I need to be able to see the potential in things that may at first glance not look so appealing…
  2. It’s the Easter holidays, the kiddos are home and I haven’t got much new stuff to show you.  Dudes, I am always honest.

BUT, we have just finished off this little red dot lady, and her big blue dot brothers will be ready soon…DSCF1022

Don’t forget you can come and meet us in real life (and why on earth wouldn’t you?) at The South London Furniture Flea on the 17th and The Bristol Furniture Flea on the 24th.  There’s heaps of cracking vintage traders to meet and copious amounts of cake available at both fairs, so really, there’s no reason not to.

‘Til next week!

H xx


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