Spring Fever

walt whitmanSpring is my favourite time of year.  There’s so much potential in the air, so many new possibilities as everything starts to wake up after the long winter sleep.  Colour starts to creep back into the world, and there are days (admittedly, they may be few and far between) when the sun is warm on your face.  Everything’s better with the sun on your face.

Spring makes me feel like I can do all sorts of things.  I get crazy ideas in spring for things I wouldn’t even consider attempting in the depths of winter.  I get restless and a bit fidgety, like I want to DO ALL THE THINGS right now, except that there’s normal life to be getting on with, too.  Somehow the sunlight makes you feel invincible.  It’s Spring Fever.

So, in addition to The South London Furniture Flea on 17th April, we’ll also be rocking up at the first ever Bristol Furniture Flea on 24th April!  We’re very excited to be joining in with this inaugural event at the Paintworks, and pleased that this will be our most local Furniture Flea to date, which is slightly ironic as the other news this week is that Happy HQ is on the move!

Yup, we’re moving house and home and therefore business too – our end location is not yet decided, but in the meantime, showing off HQ to prospective buyers has meant attempting to showcase our home to it’s fullest potential – luckily we’ve got some nice furniture to fill it with…

20160318_123819 20160318_123830 20160318_200226 20160318_200826 20160318_200849


I hold my hands up here and admit, we are not a naturally tidy bunch.  These photos represent the absolutely pinnacle of tidiness for us as a family.  There are two problems with this.

  1.  It’s very difficult to maintain.  I basically want everyone to sit completely still on the floor and not touch their surroundings.  At all.
  2. I cannot bloody find anything.

Still, it means we’re off to pastures new, with the sunshine on our faces.

H xxx




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