On the road again

Great news vintage lovers!  We’ve just booked our first market for 2016!

Yep, as the Spring time emerges, so do we, like little daffodil shoots peeking up from the earth and bursting into glorious technicolour at a vintage market near you – our first outing of the year will be to The South London Furniture Flea at the Territorial Army Centre in Clapham on the 17th April – due to this being such a popular fair, this time it’s been extended to a two day event, hoorah!  We will only be there on the Sunday though, so if you’re coming for some Happy Chair action, make sure it’s on Sunday 17th April.

Here’s a little taster of what we’ll be bringing along:

Tea?  Sandwiches? Gin? Cake?
Anything off the trolley, dears?  Ercol hostess trolley £75
One on his own, just to show you...
Ercol 427 Modular chair (2 available) £320 each
Ercol Studio couch in black with full new cushion set, £1,100
Guy Rogers ‘Manhattan’ recliner with original upholstery, £280
Cintique armchair with part original upholstery, £210

And that’s just for starters…

It’s a short and sweet blog post today, as there are a couple of exciting developments in the pipeline here at Happy HQ, and the to-do list is looking more like a to-do mountain… hopefully I’ll be able to share lots of nice bits of news with you guys soon, but in the mean time, I’d better get cracking!

See you in the real, non-digital world soon!

H xxx


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