Sneek Peeks

Oooh, we’re going to tease you today!  In the nicest possible sense, of course – no name calling or hair pulling or anything like that – this is Happy HQ, lest we forget!

This week, we’ve got two little delights to share – but only in glimpses and glimmers, as one is not yet finished, and the other is not yet absolutely confirmed…here’s the first:

Here's little hint..
Here’s little hint..
Ooh these make a nice combination...
Ooh these make a nice combination…
And this one gives is away!
And this one gives it away!

Yep, that fantastic star shaped spring arrangement is the base of a fab Cintique lounge chair which will be given a ‘half and half’ makeover – the original back cushion is in great condition, so will be saved, and a contrasting new cushion will cover that super strong bouncy spring design.

Here’s the second:

Wavy stitching…
Aluminium base...
Aluminium base…
Curvy shapes...
Curvy shapes…

Can you guess what it is yet?  No more clues, but we are VERY excited about this one…we’ll let you know when it’s ready…

Also in the next few weeks we’ll have a new reupholstery commission to share with you, and an article about us in Wiltshire Life magazine!  Lots of lovely new happenings just in time for the beginning of Spring (my favourite season, by the way.)  Big reveals next week!

Bye for now,

H xx


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