Who’s that Guy?

As you know, we quite enjoy a transformation around here.  We really like that before and after moment of ‘ooh, I didn’t think it could look like that!’  But sometimes, we get our mitts on something that is so lovely the way it is that we just can’t bring ourselves to do anything to change it.  For example, last week we acquired a Guy Rogers ‘Manhattan’ recliner.

Drink a Manhattan whilst lounging on a Manhattan... image via savvyhousekeeping.com
Drink a Manhattan whilst lounging on a Manhattan…
image via savvyhousekeeping.com

Guy Rogers, as if you vintage lovers didn’t know, was a UK furniture manufacturer in the 1950s and 60s, supplying such grand stores as Heals of London.  This handsome fellow has his original tweed upholstery, and is in such good condition that we simply couldn’t justify taking it all off and starting again.

Just a little sneak peek...
Just a little sneak peek…

He did however need a little bit of love and attention.  The hardwood frame (we think from the colour and the grain, that it is Afromosia, which would make this a 1960s chair.  Later frames were made of teak) has been given a thorough but gentle clean, as has the original Irish Tweed upholstery.  The cushion needed just a little plumping up, and the webbing just a little tightening, and before you know it we have a fantastic, stylish vintage chair ready to loved and appreciated once again!

He’s not ready for his big reveal just yet..

There’s still just a little bit of hand stitching I need to do to finish this fella off, so I’m not letting you see him properly until he’s all done, but Mr Guy Rogers will be available for sale by the end of the week. 🙂

‘Til Monday, vintage fans,

H xxx



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