Same again, Guv

Remember this beauty from before Christmas?

Now happily ensconced in its home!

Well frankly, I couldn’t get enough of that gorgeous fabric, and judging by the comments on Facebook, neither could you, so…

Now happily for sale at!

Last week I finished this little lovely!

Now, I usually pride myself on not making the same thing twice – each chair is happy and unique in it’s own way, and I love that – so some of you might be thinking, ‘hmm, that’s a bit naughty, using the same fabric twice‘.  But actually I think I have stuck to my principles, and this is a great way to show how the same fabric can create different looks depending on the shape and style of the chair, and the finishes used.  The wingback is large and sumptuous, with its dark wood and rich purple braided edges, where the Parker Knoll is lighter, brighter, with a slightly more modern feel from the stripped and refinished beech arms.  The scale of the pattern works on both shapes of chair, but to different effect – you want to climb in and get lost in the wingback, to let it envelop you like you’re diving into a meadow of wildflowers – on the Parker, the large flowers are bold and striking, making you stand back and admire (although hopefully you do want to sit on it, too.)  So each is truly unique, even when you’re using the same top fabric – I think it’s bit like baking a cake; lots of the ingredients might be the same, but a few little changes can make a big difference.

Partly the same, partly different.  All good.  (victoria sponge from, choc cake from Martha Stewart)
Partly the same, partly different. All good.
(victoria sponge from, choc cake from Martha Stewart)                                            

Next week however is something completely different – a cocktail chair recovered in vintage 1960s curtains!  Well, that’s the plan – but we all know how plans work out 😉

Off to find some cake now…

H xx




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