Open your mind…

Green Dot (the biggest size) Ercol Stacker, £125

On Friday, we discovered something unexpected – we listed this Ercol Green Dot Stacking Chair, and it immediately became our most viewed item EVER.

It got 172 views on the first day.  That’s a big number.  And although we obviously appreciate its greatness as an iconic bit of mid-century, hard-to-find designer furniture, we honestly weren’t quite expecting that reaction.  Goes to show you never can tell…

In the spirit of open mindedness, my kids’ school has issued a challenge this week – to learn something new.  Anything, from tying shoelaces to speaking languages to performing magic tricks.  Something physical or cerebral, doesn’t matter, as long as you come out of the challenge in March able to do something that you couldn’t do before.

So, we are learning to play something on the piano, to do handstands and cartwheels, and to say a few phrases in British Sign Language.  Also, on the grown ups side, to do a headstand and speak French.  The best bit about it is that we are in fact going to end up with 5 new skills each – you can’t help but pick up on the learning that’s going on around you.  Everyone wants to know how to sign their name, and say hello in French.  Everyone’s had a little tinkle on the keyboard (from the Star Wars theme to Old Mac Donald).  All people under the age of 8 have done a handstand up against the living room wall, and the older ones have at least looked at a video on how to do a yoga headstand…

That’s life, isn’t it?   To go through something, either intentionally or not, and come out the other side with something you didn’t have before.  That’s the trick.  Maybe it won’t be what you thought you were going to get, but you’ll get something, nonetheless.  How lucky is that?

’til next week,

H x


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