International chairs of mystery!

Firstly, when watching that clip and hearing that music, you cannot help but smile.  That should be reason enough for me to include it in this Monday morning blog, but no!  There is an actual (tenuous) link to recent activity here at Happy HQ!

Last Saturday afternoon (happy never stops, guys) saw our first ever international sale leave HQ and head off across the world to meet its new owner – our beautiful bright blue Ercol daybed is currently travelling to The Netherlands to settle in its new home!

Free!  (delivery.  Gotcha!)
Bye Bye!  Vaarwel!

It’s a slightly nerve wracking experience, I don’t mind admitting.  Although we’ve had pieces purchased and then taken abroad (Italy and Australia, that we know of) this is the first time we’ve packed something up and sent it off into the wider world – I am so excited to hear that it has arrived safe and well and the lovely Helly is happy with her new purchase.

If you’re eyeing something up on our website from abroad, please get in touch.  We’re always happy to work out a quote for delivery, wherever you might be – there’s no obligation, if you’re not happy with the cost then we don’t go ahead.  Working out how we can start shipping our lovely chairs further afield is a big goal for us in 2016, so I am delighted that we’ve made such a cracking start!

So all in all, there’s just one more thing to say:

Happy Monday, folks xx


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