A very Danish Christmas

danish xmas
Image via Pinterest. I love Pinterest.

Last week I mentioned a little Danish number I was working on for a client – the lovely Mike – and I’m happy to report Mike’s chair is back at home for Christmas!

Mike found us on Facebook and Instagram and got in touch to ask if we could help revive his Grete Jalk lounge chair – the Expersprings needed replacing, the cushions needed attention and new covers (you could feel the  internal springs when you sat on them) and the frame needed a good old clean and polish…we were of course delighted to help!

Grete Jalk, as if you didn’t know, was a Danish designer in the 1960s – designing beautiful things like the He and She chairs and this particularly stunning GJ chair:


After sourcing some new Expersprings from Danish Homestore and cleaning the frame with magic cleaner, we had reached this stage:


Very nice, but not exactly comfy…Mike chose a gorgeous charcoal grey wool for his new cushion covers, and the end result looked like this:


Pretty yummy, even if I do say so myself.  A beautiful bit of Danish design refreshed and revived, just what we like to do.

So, all that remains is to wish you all a very Happy (chair) Christmas – enjoy, indulge, give love and give thanks, and we’ll see you in 2016 baby!

H xx


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