All Change

This week it’s all about transformations – from sad chairs:

It even has a droopy moustache kind of thing...
It even has a droopy moustache kind of thing…

to much happier ones: (even if not quite finished yet)

No droops!  Always good news.
No droops! Always good news.

This fabric is GORGEOUS.  I am loving the transformation from sad and broken to colourful and fresh.  This is one big ole chair, and has belonged to it’s owner (and it’s owner’s father) for quite some time – it holds a special place in her heart, and I’m honoured to be involved in bringing back to life.  The old wadding has been replaced, some more padding has been put over the seat, and the whole lot’s been covered in new fire retardant calico before the top fabric makes an appearance.  There’s no denying it’s a big job, but it’s coming along well, and the change from ‘before’ to ‘after’ is going to be something to see!

On a more sedate note, I’m also restoring a very lovely Grete Jalk lounge chair this week – oh the Danish and their delicious designs! (not to mention pastries.  Mmmm, pastries…)  No photos just yet but I promise you a corker when it’s done – new springs, new cushion covers in sophisticated grey wool, a clean and shiny wooden frame – yummy.  And I do mean that about the chair, not the cinnamon swirls…

Other transformations this week will include our home into a seasonal delight as the decorations go up, and our children in to an angel, a camel, and a choirboy as the school festivities begin – there must be something in the air…

Happy holidays!

H xx



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