Buzzing Bethnal, Small Biz Saturday and…Christmas!


Well, yellow weather warnings be damned, we loaded the van and sailed down the M4 on Sunday morning to meet and greet the 1,000 plus (!) shoppers who made it down to the Vintage Furniture Flea at Bethnal Green.  What a lovely bunch you were!  Gigi, dear beloved Gigi – (whose nickname, after being carried in and out of the van over the last two weekends, had evolved to ‘fat Gigi’) has found a new home, as has our 1930s Drinker’s chair.

It matched the customer's guitar.  Coolest reason to buy something ever.
It matched the customer’s guitar. Coolest reason to buy something ever.
Bye bye!
Bye bye!

A wet, wild and windy day, but a pleasure none the less.   Bethnal Green was our last market for this year, but as soon as we have dates confirmed for 2016 we will let you know – don’t forget to keep an eye on our Facebook page for upcoming dates and new stock as it gets finished (we always post pics of the things we’re planning to bring, too, so you’ll know what to expect.)Small-Business-Saturday-UK-Logo-2015-White-Hi-ResSome of you may know, this coming Saturday is Small Business Saturday across the UK, and in celebration of the fact we’ll be offering free delivery or 10% off across a whole range of our items from tomorrow (Tues 1st Dec) until 5pm on Saturday 5th.   Check out our website for more details, and enjoy using Saturday 5th to support any small, local or independent traders where you are.  Small is beautiful!

Free!  (delivery.  Gotcha!)
Free! (delivery. Gotcha!)

And now on to…Christmas!  Yes, some of you may feel it’s too soon for the C word, but let’s face it, December starts tomorrow and in our house, that means one thing – the 25 Days of Christmas List.  Basically, we all know the anticipation is the best bit, so we make the most of it, with a little Christmassy something to do every day until the big one.  Some are small and easy (‘Drink hot chocolate’), some are things we have to do anyway (‘have Christmas dinner at school’, ‘write Christmas cards’) and some are long standing traditions (‘Make a gingerbread house’, ‘have onion soup on Christmas eve’).  It’s a nice way to get yourself in the Christmas spirit, and also puts a little (just a little) less emphasis on the whole ‘what am I going to get?’ angle.  It does mean that my time may be more taken up with hot chocolate drinking and gingerbread baking than with chair renovation, but my boss says it’s ok.  My boss is pretty cool.

See you next week!


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