Cigarettes and alcohol (are bad for you)

After what seems like an inordinately long period of time, Gigi, or the lovely 1967 Gplan Swivel chair, is finished.  She now looks like this:


Pretty snazzy, eh?  We kept the original buttons and piping, so that a little bit of her past was visible in her new guise.

And so without a pause for breath (TWO markets coming up in the next three weeks, people) its straight on to the the next project – and it’s a humdinger.

secret booze cupboard...
secret booze cupboard…
fold away ash tray!
fold away ash tray!

This handsome fellow is a 1930s (we think) affair.  Originally we thought he was a drinkers chair, with his handy built in cupboard and bottle rack, until we discovered the little fold out ashtray holder on the other side, and realised he was a smokers chair…and that, in fact, if he is from the 1930s you probably wouldn’t be doing one without the other.  So he is a chair especially designed for doing things that are bad for you.  Marvelous!

The old seat cushion had turned into cement, so that went straight in the bin.  What little was left of the back coverings were removed, all the tack holes filled in and the all the woodwork given a good clean.  Once the frame was prepped, it was on with the webbing, the jute tarpaulin, the felted cotton and the barrier cloth, layering it all up to give a curved and comfortable back to the chair for when you’re, you know, not smoking or drinking 😉

IMG_20151109_103810968[1] IMG_20151109_105707364_HDR[1] IMG_20151109_112221733_HDR[1]

Because the back of this chair is like a picture frame, before all those layers of undergarments went on I first had to put on the top fabric, which sounds rather backwards, but this was the layer that would be seen from the back of the chair, through the picture frame – hopefully the photo explains this better than I am:

Done!  From this side, anyway...
Done! From this side, anyway…

What I love about this is that this bit already looks finished!  As you can see he’s getting a lovely wool tweedy makeover, just right for cosying up with a shot of something warming…like tea, or somesuch.

A chair like this is something a little bit different for us, but it’s not a complete departure – back in July we refinished this Deco recliner, which very quickly found a new home – hopefully our boozy friend will too!


Catch you next week!



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