Mythical beasts and where to find them

Hope you all had a suitably spooky Halloween, whatever level of involvement you prefer, on the scale of full blown costume & face paints to lights off and doors locked.  Here at Happy HQ we continue the supernatural theme (not the Winchester kind of Supernatural, more’s the pity) but rather in the sense of our continued hunt for that fabled beast, the Work-Life Balance.  Often discussed, much sought after, incredibly difficult to find and even harder to keep alive once discovered, the slippery WLB tempts us with a glimpse of snowy white tail before scurrying away under a pile of Work.  Or Life.  Either way, the balance eludes us…

This last week has been half-term, as those of you with school age youths will be well aware, which means that Life has dominated in our house – Life including ballet performances, Lego conventions, visiting relatives and tired, tired children.  Children who say things like “why do you have to work now?  I don’t want you to work now.  Urgh, another chair…”  And so (and I do not blame the children for this) certain bits of work remain unfinished – Gigi haunts my dreams – and lists of things that should be done grow and grow.

But still.

Never mind.

We’ve got some exciting plans coming up, for our last two markets of the year – The Oxford Vintage Furniture Flea on Nov 21st and the East London Vintage Furniture Flea on Nov 29th – and we hope to see the year out with a flourish.  We’re planning to have not one, but TWO ercol studio couches ready for those two markets; always a crowd pleaser, and an iconic bit of mid-century design, we love taking them out on the road.  So many people like to chat about them, test them out, or even reminisce about ones from their childhood! It’s a shape and design that really sticks in the memory.  As we haven’t got our mits on the two that are coming along at the end of November yet, you’ll have to make do with these pictures of daybeds we’ve sold in the past two years: lovely, aren’t they?

ercol studio couch




Now, the interesting thing with our two newbies is that there may be the opportunity to do something a little different with the frame – a bold colour perhaps?  The die hard Ercolholics among you may gasp in horror, but try to keep an open mind…maybe we’ll surprise you with something fabulous!

In the meantime, I’ll stay on the hunt for that WLB…


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