New stuff!

Hello readers – I’m sure after last week’s Unikitty rage you’ll be relieved to know I am feeling much better.  Sometimes one just has to get these things off one’s chest, don’tcha know.  This week, let us focus on the positive, the good, the dare I say, Happy – and I think we should do that in the form of the new products finished and ready to fly the Happy HQ nest!

First up we have this handsome gent:

How nice to meet you, Mr Wegner.
How nice to meet you, Mr Wegner.

A Hans Wegner solid oak-frame chair, originally designed for Getama, Denmark in the late 1960s/early ’70s.  A spot of touchable grey velvet softens up his hard edges, and makes him a rather sophisticated chap.

Speaking of sophistication, next up we have the pinnacle of mid century entertaining – an Ercol 3 tier hostess trolley!

Tea?  Sandwiches? Gin? Cake?
Tea? Sandwiches? Gin? Cake?

In really beautiful vintage condition, this one dates from 1979 and has it’s original Shepherd castors for a really smooth ride!

Gigi, I’m afraid, cannot be included in this little collection of completed projects – although she is progressing nicely, she sure ain’t finished yet!  But she will be, in time for our triumphant return to The Vintage Furniture Flea in Oxford on the 21st Nov.  Come and see her in person!

And lastly, don’t forget that there are only 4 more days to snaffle a bargain in our October sale – don’t dilly dally, don’t delay!  Discounts end on Oct 30th!

H xxx


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