A work in progress…

So, the Gplan plan has started at last – at least, one part of it has.  This lovely russety Gplan swivel chair has begun her transformation!

g plan swivel chair
Bespoke recover no longer available

Now to be honest, we ummed and aahhed about this chair.  For a little while, I confess, we were going to keep it for ourselves (which just goes to show how comfy it is).  Then we were going to see if anyone wanted to give her a new home with her original, retro upholstery, seeing as she was in such good nick.  However, after a bit of a clean it turned out patches of the upholstery weren’t quite so brilliant after all, so a facelift was decided upon.  She’s going to be a nice light fresh cream, but those deep buttons and the shape-defining piping will be kept in the original russet, giving a cheeky little wink to her retro past.

Only a million more staples to go...
Only a million more staples to go…

So, design finalised, I started the strip down (or tear down, or rip down, or whatever else upholsterers call ‘taking off the old stuff’) – and whilst she may look cosy and innocent on the outside, I can tell you that no chair has ever fought back quite so much as Gigi, which is what I’m now calling her.  This chair has drawn blood, several times.  She’s also brought Bobby, my Singer sewing machine, to a standstill by breaking the needle and messing up the hook timings (which means now he won’t stitch.  Time to call Mark at Cathedral Sewing machines…)  Of course, this is all obviously to do with the character of the chair, and nothing whatsoever to do with me mishandling tools or being slightly clumsy.  Gigi, ladies and gents, is a diva.

But like all divas, she promises great things, and keeps you hanging on in the hope of seeing something fantastic…

Til next week!

H xx




  1. […] Gigi, I’m afraid, cannot be included in this little collection of completed projects – although she is progressing nicely, she sure ain’t finished yet!  But she will be, in time for our triumphant return to The Vintage Furniture Flea in Oxford on the 21st Nov.  Come and see her in person! […]


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