Treats! (no tricks)

SALE! Whoo hoo!
SALE! Whoo hoo!

Ok, this week I admit, it’s all about shameless self promotion.  A selection of our lovely chairs are on special offer for this month only, and I thought you’d want to know…with discounts ranging from £10 to £50, it’s worth a look!

These are the babies you can save some pennies on:

Gorgeous, classic 1960s Danish Niels Eilersen rocking chair – down to £200!
Ercol Quaker Dining chairs
Ercol Quaker Dining chairs – a pair for £130 or just £65 each!
A Greaves & Thomas egg chair
Beautiful beautiful eggy (a Greaves and Thomas Swivel Egg chair, to be precise) now just £350!
Ercol 203
Delicious plummy purple Ercol 203 easy chair for just £175!

They’re gorgeous, they’re happy, and they’re only on offer until 5pm on October 31st, so don’t think about it too long…

Just so you don’t think we’re all about the hard sell (if you’ve ever spoken to us at a market, you’ll know just how ‘hard sell-y’ we are 😉 ), there’s a little treat for all our Newsletter subscribers coming up in November too, as a little thank you for your support.  If you’re not already a subscriber, you can sign up here:

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We never, ever spam and promise to only send you nice stuff.

Next week, as promised some time ago, work starts on a GPlan transformation…see you then!

H xxx


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