All I want to do is rock

Travis had a point.  All I want to do is rock…in one of these beauties!

Rock and roll!
Rock and roll!

We’ve just finished work on the particularly tropical Ercol rocking chair, and I realised that meant we now have three fab rockers available – each with their own style, I’m sure you’ll agree.

There’s the understated, vintage Farstrup with its warm, gently worn armrests and wide, inviting teak veneered seat.  There’s the elegant, simple lines of our 1960s Niels Eilersen, showing just a little flair with its teal upholstered seat.  Then there’s our new Ercol fleur de lys rocking chair, refinished in smooth satin black, all the better to show off that funky jungle print cushion.  Something for everyone at Happy HQ!

It's like the Abbey Road of rocking chairs...
It’s like the Abbey Road of rocking chairs…

So as we’ve mentioned before, the nights are drawing in and that’s the perfect excuse for settling yourself in a rocking chair with a hot drink and good book…but that rocker doesn’t have to be boring!  Dark perhaps, but never dull…

Pretty Birdy…

H xx

PS in other news, we’ve just had confirmation that we’ll be back in Oxford with The Vintage Furniture Flea in November!  Hooray! See you then!


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