Everything Old Is New Again

That kind of sums up what we do, I think.  All this vintage stuff, it’s old, but it’s new to us.  To those who haven’t seen it the first time, it’s exciting and intriguing and interesting – sometimes more so than stuff which is actually new.  But the idea of breathing new life into old items extends beyond our furniture – now we’re using that ethos to make our products, too!  Singer sewing machine

This is my new (old) sewing machine.  She is, in my humble opinion, a beauty.  A vintage Singer 195k5, found on Ebay, when I realised that the frightening guinea pig sounds coming from my Brother machine meant that something a little more industrial was in order.

That there's the bobbin winder...
That there’s the bobbin winder…
And there's a drawer for all your bits...
And there’s a drawer for all your bits…

Thanks to the wonderful Mark of Cathedral Sewing Machines, my Singer is now fully functional – I seriously cannot praise Mark enough- not only does he come to your house to fix your machine, he also answers unending questions from small children while he works.  I can’t do that.  He’s a marvel.

I’ve got two sets of cushions waiting to be made up on my new machine, and I’m really looking forward to getting cracking – right now it’s commission crazy at Happy HQ, which is a wonderful thing, and means Bobby Singer and I will be busy for a while…

Bobby Singer
Bobby Singer

That’s right.  I’ve named my machine Bobby.  After this Bobby Singer:

Also Bobby Singer
Also Bobby Singer

If this is not a familiar face to you, Google ‘Supernatural’ immediately.  Start at Season 1, and never look back.

If this is a familiar face to you, yay!   We clearly both have excellent taste in TV shows, and you will also appreciate my work apron for when I’m painting:IMG_20150914_192741459~2


And phew, I made it back on to a Monday (just)…

H xx



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