Brilliant Bethnal!

Oops, this blog has slipped onto a Tuesday again – all I can say this time is, it’s been a super busy weekend! (See last week’s excuse about being a Timelord…)  Saturday saw our not-so-little boy turn 8, and so was a day bursting with lazer quest, Lego, pizza and noise, and Sunday was of course our inaugural visit to The East London Furniture Flea.  Let me show you how it went…

The morning started (far too early) like this:

Tea. Essential to survival.

Then we got to this stage:

All unloaded & ready for action!
All unloaded & ready for action!

Then it was a bit like this:

There was a queue outside and everything!

And then more like this:

It would be awesome if our van went this fast...
It would be awesome if our van went this fast…

Some 17 or so hours later, the day finished like this:


But it was completely worth it.  Working from home and selling online has lots and lots of plus points (blog writing in pyjamas and absurdly long lunches to name but two), but nothing beats getting out and meeting the people who like to buy our stuff – hearing the compliments, chatting about the styles and designs, meeting people who came especially to see or buy our chairs- that is very humbling and very gratifying.  It’s also lovely to see other traders, faces that are becoming familiar to us now that we’ve been to a few Judy’s Vintage events.  Some people (you know who you are) even said they liked this blog, and I can’t tell you what it means to get positive feedback like that.  So to everyone in Bethnal Green who had a kind word for us on Sunday, thank you.  We’ll keep doing out best to make happy chairs for you happy people.

H x


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