I may secretly be a Timelord…

..That could be the reason why I appear to be on a different timeline to you all.  That could be why I am treating today as if it’s Monday, the usual and appropriate day for a blog post.  It could be why I put my bins out at a different time to all my neighbours, and why the television isn’t showing the things I expect.  I’ve clearly got tangled in a bit of the the old ‘wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff’ (thank you David Tennant, for that expression).

Or, possibly, it’s just that the Bank Holiday has thrown me a little bit, and I’m making elaborate excuses for being a bit behind with everything.  I’m also just catching my breath in these last few days of the holidays, before school starts and work gets going in earnest.  Deep breath, and take the plunge…

But in truth, it doesn’t matter if I’m a bit a behind – the main thing I need to tell you about is that on Sunday 6th Sept, we’re going to the East London Furniture Flea, and it’s going to be brilliant, and we hope you’ll come along and say hello and maybe even buy something cool and vintage that you love to bits.  This is York Hall:Bethnal green And this is us:

pre-bacon rolls.
Me (Hannah)
Him (Ben)

And that’s all we really need to worry about.  See you soon!

Hannah x




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