Keepin’ it unreal…

There is, we all know, such a thing as post-holiday blues.  That back to reality feeling, that everything’s normal again feeling, that why can’t we just be on holiday all the time feeling…yes, it happens.  It happens because on holidays you spend your time planning the next nice thing to do, instead of mentally listing the chores that still need to be done. In the evenings you think about what nice excursions or explorations or lounging about (depending on what kind of holiday you’re on,) you’re going to do the next day, rather than doing aforementioned chores or just zoning out in front of a screen.  You have conversations that just wouldn’t happen at home, because you’re lifted out of your everyday and suddenly your mind is free to imagine completely different things…

We had a fantastic holiday last week, in case you were wondering.  We camped (if you can call such luxury camping) at Manorafon in West Wales, and to paraphrase Emerson, we lived in the sunshine, we swam in the sea, we drank the wild air…ok, we paddled a bit and it rained a few days, but you get my drift.  And we planned, sitting outside drinking hot tea from enamel mugs and eating chocolate, bringer of happiness.  We made glorious beautiful plans for the The Happy Chair Company and us and life and the wee kiddos.

My lone star boy on (what felt like) our own private beach

And then we came home, and those plans suddenly seemed a whole lot harder to reach.  And things needed doing, and we weren’t on holiday any more.

But we’re not giving up.  Goonies never say die.  I’ll admit right now that my quotes and references for this blog post are a little bit all over the place, but one that really struck me in those post-hols days was this:

“People will kill you over time.  And how they’ll kill you is with tiny, harmless phrases like ‘be realistic’.” – Dylan Moran

And it might not be other people, it might well be yourself.  So you have to make a choice, a decision, to be just a little bit unrealistic.  On purpose.  Keep a little bit of your brain on holiday, so you can still imagine those out of the ordinary things…

’til next time,

H x


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