Bath Markets & Inspiration!

Yay! After a couple of markets requiring us to whizz up and down the M4, we’re delighted to say that in 3 weeks time we’ll be back at the Bath Vintage & Antiques Market – Sunday July 26th.  It’s our first local market in a while, and we’re really looking forward to spending the day in Green Park Station chatting away to people in search of a bit of mid century style.  We’ve got chairs a-plenty, the odd table too, not to mention a fab 1979 Ercol studio couch… come down and see us!  (If we’re next to the record stall again, you’ll be able to spot us doing bad/great dancing…)

ercol studio couch

Next week there’s another exciting little project about to get underway: I am off to the Upholstery Workshop in Salisbury, because I want to make brilliant chairs to brighten up people’s homes, and I truly believe there’s always more to learn…I’m taking this beauty:

deco reclinerIMG_20150121_120634627_HDR  And I’m hoping that my tutor for the week, Annie, can help me transform it into something glorious.  The trouble is, right now I have absolutely no clue what to do with it.  Inspiration has deserted me.  It’s such an unusual shape, from an era we haven’t worked with much before (Deco, I think) with a lovely reclining feature, and I really want to do it justice and make it wonderful…so, any ideas?  If you have a vision for this brilliant chair, share it in the comments below!  Maybe you can be my muse…

H x



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