A G-Plan plan & new markets!

Last week I wrote to you about plans, and how they go wrong, and how that’s generally OK.  I read today that nothing goes wrong, it just unfolds differently to how you expected – I like that, and will try (really try) to keep it in mind…

A little while ago we showed you these two handsome numbers:

swivel chairg plan swivel chair

And now the time has come to start deciding what to do with them.  We believe them to be G-Plan, and we’ve got to be honest here, they’re damn comfy.  So much so that the orange one, which was available for customization on our website, is, erm, no longer available.  The black one didn’t even make it to the website.  Christened the ‘Evil Genius Chair’ by our son, it now has prime spot in our living room.  Both have been sufficiently road tested by our children, and survived, so now it’s time to make them look pretty…and that will be the subject of a fair few blog posts, so you can see exactly what I’m doing to them, and how – a behind the scenes of a makeover, if you will, so you can see how my plans for the G-plans pan out.  Without too much ganging agley, I hope, but maybe differently to how I expect…


On a separate note, we’ve just had a couple of market pitches confirmed, so come and see some lovely chairs in real actual life at The Bath Vintage and Antiques Fair on 26th July, and The East London Furniture Flea on 6th September.  We love doing markets, it gives us a chance to chat with customers and get to know the people who end up finding space in their homes for the pieces we’ve created, which makes us feel both very proud and very humble.  It’s a nice feeling!

Have a smashing week, everyone!



  1. Hi!
    I have just picked up the same bottom chair in white 🙂
    They are both GPlan, the top is a Gplan Blofeld chair (from James Bond) & the bottom is the female version 🙂


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