We need your help!


As you may have gathered from my enthusiastic ramblings about Oxford and Marylebone, we really like going to fairs.  I’m not talking about the candyfloss-and-waltzers kind (although they’re good too – egg cages, anyone?) I mean the vintage and retro sort, where we can take our furniture out to meet people.  Selling online is great, but nothing beats seeing people feel the woodwork you’ve sanded smooth, or admire the colours you’ve chosen, or overhearing someone say to their friend  ‘Oooh, that’s nice!’  Markets and fairs are really good for our ego.


Now, we’ve experienced  the Bath Vintage and Antiques Fair, Spitalfields So Vintage, and The Vintage Furniture Flea in London and Oxford.  We’re eyeing up more Flea events in the future, and some return trips to Bath, but what we’d really like to know is, what are the best vintage markets near you?  Where would you like to see us next?  Is there a fantastic hidden gem of a fair we know nothing about?  The real beauty of these markets, apart from ego-boosting, is that it gives us the chance to emerge from the virtual world of blogs and online shopping into the real world of meeting happy customers, finding out what people are really liking at the moment, and learning what they are looking for so that we can help them find it.  So, get busy in the comments box below or on our Facebook page, and tell us about the markets and fairs near you, so we can come and say hello.


Thanks vintage fans!


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