Mid Century Mad? Yep…

Vintage hunters and your regular interiors enthusiast alike are all bonkers over Mid Century design these days – but why?  What’s got us all so hot under the collar for Ercol, GPlan, and any Scandinavian designer you might care to mention?

midcentury interior2
So good…and I love a colour co-ordinated bookshelf! (Image Via Pinterest from Homedit.com)



There are a few theories as to why Mid Century has picked up such popularity just now.  For one, many of the designs are considered timeless, and the clean quality of their lines allows them to fit in to a wide range of settings – think boho chic to ultra-modern.  Not many pieces of furniture can straddle such a wide range of tastes.  Also the scale of fifties and sixties furniture suits modern homes – it’s much easier to find space for something from this era than a hulking great antique in your average 3 bed semi.

Of course, there’s also the nostalgia factor.  This great article on Houzz.com explains it well – “Every period throughout history has been partly influenced by history. Humans tend to paint a cozy picture of the past, due to our convenient ability to edit.”  It’s also true to say this rose tinted view comes much more easily to those who missed it first time around, i.e. people who are decorating their homes now often weren’t around to see all this stuff in the sixties.  My own Dad, as a case in point, grew up in the late ’50s and ’60s and now can’t stand anything from that era.  MadMen?  What’s the big deal.  Ercol?  No thanks.  But me, as a child of the ’80s, I eat it all up!

My Dad doesn’t like you. I do. (Image Via Pinterest)


So, all us Mid Century lovers, we’re just idealistic dreamers with a wide range of tastes, looking to fill our normal houses with ageless designs…sounds alright to me.


You can get your own nostalgia fix on Saturday 6th June at The Newman Society in Oxford, where we’ll be trading with The Vintage Furniture Flea.  Come along and pick up a piece for your own Mid Century makeover!



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