My kids always get along this well…
My house always looks like this…
Those same happy kids always want to help with the business…


Everybody loves photos, right?    A means of capturing a moment in time, a way of expressing your own creativity, an insight into someone else’s creative and perhaps inspiring life.  Sure, we know, deep down and if we really think about it, that these pictures might not be showing us the whole truth – that blissfully happy family might have been yelling at each other two seconds after the camera clicked, that restaurant-quality looking dinner might have actually come from – well, a restaurant.  They are just a snap shot, showing our best side as often as not.  And maybe there’s nothing wrong with that – it could almost be like the opposite of watching the news, where the perspective is always skewed towards the gloomy, the distressing, the negative.  Instagram (or any social media, really, where users can choose what to present to the world)  can be a place where everyone is happy and gorgeous and having fun.  Just as skewed, but in the opposite direction.

I am relatively new to Instagram – I started the account for the purpose of The Happy Chair Company, as another way of getting our lovely products in front of the eyes of potential customers.  As a predominately online business, we have to make ‘shop windows’ where ever we can.  But over time, it’s started to become a bit more than that – lovely little bits of feedback via the comments gives me a little buzz any time someone says they like a item – again, being a home based business means you can miss out on a bit of that customer interaction.  And it’s not just customers – I’ve found other creative types out there working on their own projects, allowing me little glimpses into their own creative processes, and that is inspiring and energizing.  Tiny little conversations take place – I don’t have hundreds of followers, and I don’t just randomly comment on other peoples’ stuff, only if I genuinely have something to say – so these aren’t huge exchanges and deep connections being made, but they are connections, non the less.  A little community starts to develop in a way I never would have expected from something like Instagram.

At the beginning of next week, we’re using Instagram to extend that ‘shop window’ idea, by making it an actual shop – for a brief period anyway.  Here’s how it will work:1 (2)

On Monday 18th at 7.30pm, I’ll start posting pictures of items for sale, with details of their price etc.  Mainland UK delivery will be included in the price (Remote areas and London Congestion zone will have an extra charge.)  Anyone following the feed can then comment on the picture, saying ‘Sold!’ if they want to buy it, and then message me their PayPal details so I can invoice them.  It’s a first come first served kind of deal, and by 9pm, the sale will be over and no more attempts to buy will be accepted.

This is our first foray into the world of Instasales, but we’re always up for trying something new – if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got, right?

If you’d like to follow us on Instagram and join in the sale (or just watch!) we’re @thehappychair, and we’d love to see you on there sometime.

Fingers crossed for the 18th!

Han x


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