An Easter Egg for Ade

One of the things we like to do here is work on bespoke items for our customers – it gives us the chance to create something really unique and specific to that particular person, and that makes us (and hopefully them) happy bunnies.

This was our first Greaves & Thomas...
This was our first Greaves & Thomas…

Ade and Fliss spotted our Greaves and Thomas swivel chair when we put it up on our Facebook page, (we had just sold one, recovered in blue velvet, and we wanted show that we had another in stock, in case anyone was devastated that they’d missed out first time around).  So, it caught the eye of our discerning customers, who wanted a cool chair with a little bit of Bond villain about it.  They have cats, so it’s not too far a leap.  After dropping us an email to say they were interested, we arranged a date for them to come over to our house and test the chair out – to make sure it was comfortable and villainous enough, we presumed.  Over Facebook, we chatted a little about what kind of fabric they had in mind – they were looking for a wool, and I knew I didn’t have any in stock.

So on the evening, they came on over and I put the kettle on.  Then we sat and browsed the internet for the right kind of fabric – we are always happy to use a fabric that has been sourced elsewhere, as long as it’s suitable for the upholstery – and we’re also happy to advise on that too.  After a little searching, we found the winner –  a beautiful Harris tweed from the fantastic Merchant and Mills – Ade opted for the Dalbeg tweed, also know as ‘the cloth of a thousand colours’.

Dalbeg Harris Tweed...beauuuuutiful
Dalbeg Harris Tweed…beauuuuutiful

10 days later, all was complete, and a stylish, unique, completely bespoke chair was sent off to its new home!

Greaves & Thomas in Harris Tweed
Greaves & Thomas in Harris Tweed

If you have a chair that perhaps you’ve inherited, or that you picked up for a song, but it isn’t quite to your taste, please feel free to get in touch.  Alternatively, we have a selection of chairs just waiting for someone to love them on our ‘available for commissions’ page – you could have one finished to your exact requirements.  We’d love to help you make something utterly unique for your happy home!


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