Country Living Spring Fair

Bunting! Soooo much bunting…

I did it.  I really did it.  At the grand age of 33, I drove my car around central London.  I didn’t crash in to anyone, I didn’t yell at my passenger, and I didn’t cry.  This, my friends, is a major life achievement.

I also didn’t get to my destination on time, or avoid getting lost.  I may have sworn (mildly, my mother was in the car) at my SatNav. It may have taken 50 minutes to travel the last 5 miles.  But overall, my automotive adventure to the capital was a success.

The reason behind such an endeavor was, as the title of this post suggests, for Mum and I to attend the Country Living Spring Fair – something we have wanted to do, and then bottled out of due to transport issues, for years and years.  Well, 2015 is the year of getting-sh*t-done, so I brashly went ahead and booked the tickets, with cries of ‘of course I can drive to London!  Just do it!’ So, I had to follow through really.  What tipped me over the edge this year was the promise of the Build a Business day, a series of talks designed for up and coming small business owners, like yours truly.  Of course, being a hour and a half late meant I missed the first one, the one I really wanted to hear – about finding the confidence to follow your passion.

There were many, many, many stalls to see, filled to the brim with beautiful, unusual, crafted, creative products and people – it’s a 5 day event for a reason!

There were 3 floors of this!
There were 3 floors of this!

Sadly we only had one day to explore – and my favourite finds were Cornish Bright, Have a Gander, Jin Designs, and Rustique Interiors.  Especially that last one – check out her astonishing chairs and furniture!

She's from Scotland, you know
She’s from Scotland, you know
I love the houses!
I love the houses!
Amazing upholstery!
Amazing upholstery!











Inspirational stuff, I’m sure you’d agree!  I admit, I was disappointed to have missed the talk.  But walking around, looking at the amazing things people have made, the businesses they have built, and chatting with the font of all knowledge that is my Mum, I learned something.  I learned that I have to trust.  Trust myself.  Trust my ideas, trust that the business will grow as it’s meant to, trust that the customers will come, that they’ll like it, and they’ll buy it.  Yes, it’s all a bit Field of Dreams, but frankly, I don’t see anything wrong with that.  I trust that I’m good enough to be doing this.  And that is totally worth getting lost in London.


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